I'm Thomas Walton

Developer, Team Oriented, Ambitious


I am a Kansas City based Full Stack Developer who loves being part of a team, music, anime, and animals of all kinds.

I'm Thomas Walton, leveraging my background in customer service and I.T. alongside skills in networking, end-user support, and programming. I excel in communicating with customers and thrive in collaborative team environments.


I use HTML and CSS to design and build the visual and structural components of websites or web applications, focusing on creating the layout, style, and overall presentation that users see and interact with.


I utilize the ASP.NET Core 6 MVC framework for middle tier development, building the logic and functionality that drives the behavior of web applications or software systems, ensuring smooth data processing, business logic implementation, and interaction between the front end and back end components.


I utilize SQL for database management, querying, and manipulation, ensuring efficient storage, retrieval, and organization of data to support the functionality and integrity of applications and systems.


I am certified in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, leveraging a comprehensive cloud platform that enables scalable infrastructure, robust data analytics, and seamless integration for efficient and dynamic application deployment and management.


In my development projects, I leverage ReactJS for building dynamic and interactive user interfaces. By breaking down complex UIs into reusable components, managing state efficiently, and leveraging virtual DOM for optimal performance, React enables me to create scalable and maintainable web applications with ease.

My Portfolio

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Player Info Screen inside console

Dungeon App


This was the first major project we did at Centriq that really grabbed my attention. This taught me skills with C# and LINQ

Check it out on GitHub!  
My React Site

ToDo Web App


I was underestimating the power of ReactJs until we did this project. The ability to have a fully modular website is outstanding.

Check it out on GitHub!  
JSON Objects

ToDo Web API

.NET Core Web API

For my first time making an API, I had a lot of fun with this even though it is simple. This creates an endpoint for the ToDo App to retrieve DB entries.

Check it out on GitHub!  

My Classmates

Catie Watson

Catie Watson

Kansas City, MO

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Haley Killingsworth

Overland Park, KS

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Austin Farrow

Belton, MO

Taryn Ambrosi

Taryn Ambrosi

Independence, MO